Making a measurement with the
Step 1
Apply the probe on the roll surface
Step 2
Apply the measurement liquid (supplied in the kit)
Step 3
Spread the liquid with the tractor blade (supplied in the kit)
Step 4
Apply the probe on the blot
The volume is then displayed on the screen :
It can also be displayed in BCM units
The Anicheck instrument measures the volumetric capacity of an anilox roll (in cm3/m2 or BCM). This is a key parameter that determines the quantity of ink that the anilox will transfer to the plate.

A print that has a too low or too high optical density is often due to an anilox roll that has an inadequate volume. This happens for example when the roll is either dirty (clogged with dried ink) or worn-out. You can know it by measuring the volumetric capacity of your roll.
The instrument is composed of a hand-held control device, linked via a cable to the measurement probe :

It works by measuring the quantity of a magnetic fluid that is spread on the roll surface (patented). It can measure both steel and aluminum base rolls, from any anilox manufacturer.

A measurement proceeds the following way :
Total measurement time :
40 seconds
Demonstration video