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Instrument for the measurement of the volumetric capacity of anilox rolls
What is the volume of my anilox roll ?
6.2      6.5       6.8        7.2   ?     cm3/m2
Why is the print density not correct ?
check the anilox
Your anilox is maybe dirty
Print density too low ?
Your anilox is maybe worn-out
Print density too low or irregular ?
Benefit from quality management
Save time and money
Improve productivity
Be sure that your aniloxes have the correct volume
Reduce waste
Ensure that your anilox will work properly
Check the volume of a new anilox
We are here to help you
Key features :
- Measurement of a key parameter of your anilox rolls : the volumetric capacity (cm3/m2 or BCM) determines the quantity of
  ink transferred to the plate
- Determine whether your anilox roll is clogged with dry ink
- Know when your aniloxes are worn-out
- Print density out of target : that may come form a misfunctionning anilox roll, so measure it
- Easy measurement, no training needed
- Quickest measurement on the market : 40 seconds
- Hand-held instrument. Easy measurement of your aniloxes on the press.
- Compatible with solvent, water, and UV-based inks
- Applicable to all printing segments : flexible packaging, label, corrugated, offset, …